Delta is a integrated renovation and restoration project completed on a modernist apartment in Barcelona. The apartment includes two double bedrooms, two master suite bathrooms, a kitchen, living-dining room and two balconies which cast light across the whole interior.

The essence of the apartment is inspired by the delta and everything that comes to mind with the image. The textures, toasted and warm colours, vegetation, water, marine life, birds… a place where the river meets its end.
All these sensations allow us to create a welcoming atmosphere that stands out in the apartment.

The materials and textures that run through the project consist of natural oak wood, rattan, cane, sand- and rose-coloured wallpapers printed with birds and nature scenes, as well as small touches of brushed gold on some of the fixtures and fittings such as the taps and doorknobs.

The Delta design includes the creation of bespoke furniture made especially for the apartment.
The Venato marble dining room table or the ANNA (closets and bathroom furniture) collection make up a creative part of the studio design.

Photography by Sandra Rojo.