Botanic is a full refurbishment and renovation project on a 70m2 (753ft2) apartment located in Barcelona in a building constructed in 1895-1896 and very symbolic of the modernist era in the city.

The project was inspired by the botanical environment, a concept bringing together the Earth, roots, plants, masculinity and darkness, a place where nature and elegance are ever present.

The design experiments with different textures, colors and stone and green undertones to convey a subtle botanical essence.

The layout of the apartment includes two double bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), a kitchen opening out into the living area, a living-dining room and two balconies that bring light and a sense of spaciousness to the indoor living area.

The main materials used in the design are: natural oak wood, stone and various wallpapers with botanical-themed prints as well as touches of copper.

In this project, the studio designed the CH1 furniture collection, which includes a bookshelf and bathroom furniture piece. The studio’s work also includes the design and fabrication of the iron frames around both the door and window in the en suite bathroom. The studio carried out all the different phases of the project, from the layout and renovation of the apartment to the design of specific features, taking care of every last detail as always.


Fotografía por Jean Lozada.