Noé Prades was born in 1989 and grew up in Catalonia.

As a child, he admired his father’s work in the building industry and would go with him to the sites where he would play by imagining how the places being built would end up, drawing pictures and designing small furniture and objects.

Noé combines the main principles of minimalism with an eclectic essence. Employing a keen eye for proportion and visual order, he brings together contrasting styles, combining classic with modern and exotic with geometric. He even sometimes dares to change the meaning or context of objects in their surroundings but always respects the essence of the past in order to convey the originality of each space he designs.

His designs are not neutral or abstract but instead seek to awaken emotions and invite us to travel to other lands through pieces of furniture or objects from other places around the world. Due to its history, nature is another powerful presence in his work and can be observed in the interiors he designs through not only the plants he chooses but also the textures, paintings, furniture and objects he uses.

In short, Noé combines the influences and styles of each project in a unique way, always looking to create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere in his designs.

His work has been published in many national and international media, being considered one of the 100 best interior designers in Spain, according to the AD Spain Magazine.